Until a few months ago ,I was one; a tidoptimist, a time optimist. Then, I missed a presentation on land degradation that I really really really wanted to hear and see because of this ‘optimism’. I was extremely disappointed in myself because, I thought I had time. It got me thinking of all the times we have taken a while to look into issues that Mother Nature is having assuming that we have time or that the issue will sort itself out.

In the process, we have watched rivers dry,lakes shrink, glaciers melt, deserts spread, different plants & animals becoming extinct and we successfully created a hole in the ozone layer… all this in less than 150 years. *slow clap for humanity *. 😐



However, we are slowly but surely redeeming ourselves to Mother Nature. We have created policies, signed agreements, and made plans towards reversing the disastrous things that we have done to her. We are talking about it and making her care a priority.


Some of us aren’t taking it seriously. We think that, ‘time will heal’ and continue with the damage… deforestation, pollution, murdering animals for their parts (elephants, rhinos and pangolins)… Some of us even think that climate change is a hoax!

Time won’t wait for us. The clock is ticking.





Just Imagine

My wedding planner friend gave me this bright idea of sharing random fascinating facts on the environment…nature…So, I’m taking up the challenge by sharing fun facts every Friday for the next 3 months. So here is the genesis of ‘Just Imagine’…

The beaver has transparent eyelids and valves on its ears and nose that close automatically when it submerges in water. These unique features allow the beaver to remain underwater for up to four minutes at a time, where, with the help of its tail and webbed feet, it can swim one and a half miles (nature.org)

Just Imagine!


Source: emojibase