Nairobi Safari Walk

Last Sunday, Kadogo, an old friend of mine,  and I decided to catch up over nature. She came up with the most brilliant idea of meeting up at the Nairobi National Park (Kenya’s first national park), to do the Nairobi Safari Walk.


At the entrance, they have this little cabinet:



I opened it and burst into laughter when I saw the mirror. The last thing I expected to see was my reflection. Such a creative way of passing the message that You and I pose the biggest threat to biodiversity.

These are some of the interesting things we saw…

Creative signposts

Pygmy hippo


Spot the giraffe… 🙂




One of these worms/ caterpillars escaped on MY DRESS. I probably need to mention that many things with more than 4 legs or less than 2 legs, terrify me!


Rhino (Not sure whether it’s black or white)



Such a peaceful and refreshing walk. You can also opt to go on a game drive or visit the Animal Orphanage whilst there.

Read more about the safari walk here.





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