Climate Change. IV. Action

Action is taking place all over the world. Okay, at least that’s what it looks like…o_O. We have agreements signed and documents ratified (feels so nice to use that word…ratified). There’s the Kyoto Protocol, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and locally we have the National Climate Change Response Strategy.

We need to understand that climate change is a natural process that is being hastened (like a crawling child running in a 100 metre sprint) by anthropogenic (human) activities such as deforestation. There is hope though, especially if you choose to plant a tree. Or two trees. Or a forest. Keep planting trees when you find the opportunity to. Trees act as carbon sinks so they reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Choose to recycle, reduce and reuse. This would mean that industries would produce less and again reduce the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere and also reduce the amount of waste released into our waterways which are already under stress.

Choose to use renewable energy. There’s so much to choose from. Solar, Wind, Biogas… I can proudly say that Kenya is a leader in this sector. The Climatescope 2015 report, places Kenya at position 6 in the world and only South Africa and Uganda compete with Kenya at position four and nine on the continent, in the top 10 list.


Choose to use energy efficiently and energy efficient products. Switch off lights when not in use, use energy saving bulbs, buy products that have an energy efficiency rating (the closer the rating is to A, the better). This will also save you a few coins. 😉

Choose to harvest rainwater for household uses such as loo flushing, house cleaning and garden use. It reduces the growing strain and stress on surface and ground water.

Choose to speak out against actions that are not sustainable. We need to leave this earth better than we found it. Not just because nature is beautiful but for our children and our children’s children. If our great great  grandparents had the same habits that we have today…. Hmmmmm… Wacha tu…

It’s not all gloom and doom if we make the right choices… 🙂

Enjoy the video below… 😀



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