A Rubbish Rant

One of the things that I simply cannot wrap my head around is littering. I have really tried to understand why we do it…but I just can’t.

Okay fine, so you pay taxes and therefore have indirectly paid for the street sweepers salary but would you spit or throw rubbish on your tiled/cemented or even earthen floor because you have a paid cleaner coming in?

This year, on World Oceans Day, the focus was on plastic pollution; the littering that happens on the beaches and in the oceans and the effects that it has on the different species. Google Chris Jordan’s images on birds and plastic. So sad. Dead birds found with ingested plastic from the littering on beaches and oceans. These animals literally choke on what we throw. We have amazing brains, they have pea brains. So they’ll eat whatever they find. I don’t know whether people expect the litter to miraculously disappear or walk itself into a rubbish can/pit.

irUcyJ1466414630In Nairobi, one of the reasons why we experience so much flooding is because of the amount of trash that goes into our drainage systems. It clogs the drainage system and water just piles (no water can’t pile…It builds up…What does water do?…Accumulates). Water accumulates. We loose millions of shillings as a result of flood related damage and this is avoidable.

A little responsibility goes a long way. Throwing litter in the right place does not really require much energy and besides littering is really shady.


3 thoughts on “A Rubbish Rant

  1. I completely agree with you. People don’t litter in their own homes. What we forget is, the world is our home, and our children’s and our children’s children’s home. Ultimately, we are the ones who will pay for our rubbish behaviour.


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