I loved the tv series, Heroes. It was about these ‘special’ people all over the world who had wedsecret powers. One could read minds,another could fly,another could regenerate, another could paint the future,another could bend time and space… In Season One, one thing they discovered in my favourite episodes ‘Hiro’ and ‘Better Halves’ is that they were all interconnected. The world was about to get destroyed and they all needed to work together to , ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’.

We all are interconnected. We all have special abilities that can contribute towards saving the environment. We all can be heroes in our special little ways. Some could plant trees, others could recycle, others could reduce the amount of water they use, others could stop littering, all of us need to stop buying products from endangered species

So on this special day, remember…

#Save the environment, Save the world

Happy World Environment Day. 🙂

For more on the day, please visit: http://www.wed2016.com/





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