A Rubbish Rant

One of the things that I simply cannot wrap my head around is littering. I have really tried to understand why we do it…but I just can’t.

Okay fine, so you pay taxes and therefore have indirectly paid for the street sweepers salary but would you spit or throw rubbish on your tiled/cemented or even earthen floor because you have a paid cleaner coming in?

This year, on World Oceans Day, the focus was on plastic pollution; the littering that happens on the beaches and in the oceans and the effects that it has on the different species. Google Chris Jordan’s images on birds and plastic. So sad. Dead birds found with ingested plastic from the littering on beaches and oceans. These animals literally choke on what we throw. We have amazing brains, they have pea brains. So they’ll eat whatever they find. I don’t know whether people expect the litter to miraculously disappear or walk itself into a rubbish can/pit.

irUcyJ1466414630In Nairobi, one of the reasons why we experience so much flooding is because of the amount of trash that goes into our drainage systems. It clogs the drainage system and water just piles (no water can’t pile…It builds up…What does water do?…Accumulates). Water accumulates. We loose millions of shillings as a result of flood related damage and this is avoidable.

A little responsibility goes a long way. Throwing litter in the right place does not really require much energy and besides littering is really shady.

Just Imagine

10 interesting facts about the African elephant (Loxodonta Africana):

i.   Is the largest land mammal

ii.  Has a gestation period of 22 months #respect

iii. Gives birth once every 5 years

iv.  Can’t jump 🙂

v.   Has poor eyesight

vi.  The trunk which is a combination of the upper lip and nose is used for smelling, breathing, detecting vibrations, caressing their young, sucking up water, and grasping objects.

vii. The tusks, are modified incisor teeth used for digging, foraging, and fighting. They are present at birth then fall off after one year to be replaced by permanent ones. AND prefer one tusk over the other…so could be right-tusked or left- tusked 😀

viii. Compassionate: Care for the wounded and grieve their dead.

ix. Have a developed sense of memory. They remember loved ones, hold grudges and recognize long-lost friends.

And finally,

x.Elephant herds are led by a matriach. Girl power! The males leave the group as soon as they hit puberty.


Just Imagine!


For more information on the African elephant, visit: The Animal Fact Guide



Just Imagine

Out of the total volume of water on the earth, freshwater makes about 2.5% of the total volume.

70% of the 2.5% is in the form of ice (glaciers)  and permanent snow cover (don’t know how permanent though with global warming); almost 30% of the 2.5% is groundwater and only 0.3% is easily accessible on the earth’s surface (lakes, rivers, streams and ponds).

The rest of the water, slightly more than 97% is saltwater (oceans).

Source: UNWater

Source: emojibase.com

Just Imagine!


I loved the tv series, Heroes. It was about these ‘special’ people all over the world who had wedsecret powers. One could read minds,another could fly,another could regenerate, another could paint the future,another could bend time and space… In Season One, one thing they discovered in my favourite episodes ‘Hiro’ and ‘Better Halves’ is that they were all interconnected. The world was about to get destroyed and they all needed to work together to , ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’.

We all are interconnected. We all have special abilities that can contribute towards saving the environment. We all can be heroes in our special little ways. Some could plant trees, others could recycle, others could reduce the amount of water they use, others could stop littering, all of us need to stop buying products from endangered species

So on this special day, remember…

#Save the environment, Save the world

Happy World Environment Day. 🙂

For more on the day, please visit: http://www.wed2016.com/




Just Imagine

My wedding planner friend gave me this bright idea of sharing random fascinating facts on the environment…nature…So, I’m taking up the challenge by sharing fun facts every Friday for the next 3 months. So here is the genesis of ‘Just Imagine’…

The beaver has transparent eyelids and valves on its ears and nose that close automatically when it submerges in water. These unique features allow the beaver to remain underwater for up to four minutes at a time, where, with the help of its tail and webbed feet, it can swim one and a half miles (nature.org)

Just Imagine!


Source: emojibase