I love love love fish. Well cooked fish simply makes me happy. Reminds me of one of the best cooked fish I ate in 2014 at a restaurant in Nairobi … Slurp😋

My mother grew up by the Indian Ocean and one the stories that she tells that never tires me is one of… Drumrolls… Fish! 🎉. Yes, you guessed right. 😊.

In those days, there would be seasons where live fish… LIVE Fish… would be washed ashore. The community would simply stroll to the beach and pick their dinner. Imagine that!  Today, this can only be a dream. The effects of overfishing and the decrease in fish production are felt in many parts of the world.

Why the random fish stories?

I have just discovered from one of ‘s tweets that today is World Fish Migration Day. The aim of the day is to raise ‘awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish’.  Fish migration is ‘the journey that fish make to reproduce or feed and complete their life cycle. Barriers like dams, weirs and sluices disrupt natural river flow and prevent them from reaching their breeding  grounds’ .

I may not be an ichthyologist (fish expert) but I believe that better migration paths for the migratory type of fish will have a positive outcome of higher biological  production rates and perhaps a decrease in the price so that it is affordable to all. Who knows, with good feeding and breeding of fish, we could go back to the days of picking fish from the shores of rivers and oceans…

For more on this day, please visit:



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