Happy April April ;)

Nope, that’s not a typo…

It’s a new month… It’s beautiful, It’s raining, My gumboots are leaking , It’s exam season and the end of year one (WOoooHOoooO!).

On the first of April, many years ago, one of our local dailies had a headline on how the government was planning to channel water from Lake Victoria to Northern Kenya*. I must have been in middle primary and I was ecstatic. By then I didn’t realise the danger of  reducing the amount of water that is discharged into River Nile. I was very disappointed to find out that it was a hoax. Of all the things on that cover page, that had to be the hoax… :/ Now no one cannot joke with such a sensitive topic, water.

Anyway, I look forward to another month of blogessing and sharing my passion for water and environment.

Happy April April! 😉



* I have searched all over (online) for this article. I will share a link/ photo as soon as I get it.